Apr 14, 2016, 2:21 PM

Thumbnail for Mona – pretty businesswoman

As you could see on Facebook, I am at this moment finalizing my own big project… but after 9 months I am finally getting there :) In the meantime I can share with you some of my older photos.

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For the first time since a very long time I am actively participating in “The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP)”. Don’t understand me wrong, I’ve always supported this great event by donating money. However, I have only once collected donations as a volunteer (during 2nd edition OMG).

Thumbnail for Engagement photo session of Jenna and Chris in the beautiful city center of Den Haag

It was about 9 months ago. Now they are probably married and they can enjoy their wedding pictures as well. But when I met Jenna and Chris, a Canadian-American couple, they asked me to do an engagement photo session which they coukd use for their wedding invitations.

Thumbnail for Just the two of us – Justyna and Krzysztof (The Hague)

No more and no less is needed. The two of you can make a beautiful couple and memorize your love during nice photo session!

Thumbnail for Angela, portrait photo session in the dunes (The Hague)

I can start from the fact that Angela is my friend.  So this time it was not ‘just’ work but also a great time with this small girl :) 

Oct 7, 2013, 1:31 PM

Thumbnail for Outdoor family photo session

As you could see probably, I have in my offer also a possibility for a family photo session. Despite traditional photo shoot in the white studio, you can choose a environment where you feel comfortable: your house, park, old city center…anywhere you want!


I knew it would come one day :) A Polish-Dutch couple!!

Thumbnail for Sherida i Marijn (Den Haag, Wassenaar)

Sherida and Marijn live in a very beautiful, old house somewhere between Leiden and Den Haag. The first time I came there I immediately new that they are an extraordinary family. You feel warmth and love just when you pass their doorstep. Sherida told me that most important to her is to have all guests and especially all family on their photos as they want to keep good memories of each and every person important for them.

Thumbnail for Justyna – the contest winner (The Hague)

There she is!!! It took some time before I could meet Justyna. It turned out that winner of the contest on the occasion of Women’s Day was from Poland. Nevertheless she decided to come to Holland and have some pictures with me. We only had to find a suitable date for us both.

Mar 13, 2013, 6:22 PM


She was born just a few days ago, 22nd of February, but I was still pretty surprised what a tiny princess she is. Just about 2,4 kg – very cute.

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