Quinta and Andreas – engagement photo session (Delft)

2013-04-22 19:22:00

Quinta and Andreas are these kind of people who you’d like from the first moment. They are friendly, warm and very open. I was very happy when they chose me as their photographer for their wedding. In our planwas included a so-called ‘engagement photo session’. During this session we can get to know each other and lose the stress caused by the camera.

We met last Tuesday in the center of beautiful Delft. Usually at this time of the year there is a beautiful spring in Holland. But not this year :( We had wind, rain and a lot of ugly gray sky. But well, we had the sun inside of us and we were having a lot of fun together.

I cannot wait until their wedding!! Quinta has planned everything in the most amazing and beautiful detail. I am sure it will be great! She made a lot of things herself. Look below at her hilarious shoes!

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed, so we have better weather on their wedding day this Friday!