One more post from Marysia and Marcel – wedding photo shoot in the dunes of Katwijk

2013-09-30 13:26:00

We didn’t have any time to make this photo session on the wedding day, but luckily we could still do it after. Such a situation has many advantages – the bridal couple is relaxed, we can choose a location far from the wedding place, the weather can be better and last but not least – you don’t have to care too much about how you look after this photo session! And we took advantage of all these pros!

I don’t need to write much. I will only mention: they climbed the dunes , laid on the sand and…went into the cold water. The North Sea was only about 13 degrees but Marysia dared to make herself all wet..just for the pictures! I am proud of you guys..and you have very special pictures now!! Congratulations one more time and I hope to see you again!