Norma and Michiel – wedding in a beautiful castle in Wijchen.

2014-03-08 14:06:00

It was all a bit crazy. Even though we exchanged a lot of emails, we didn’t have a chance to meet each other or even talk to each other before the actual wedding day, because this couple lives on daily basis in the US. I didn’t know what to expect when I was stepping into the train on my way to Wijchen. Will they be nice? Will we have a good connection? All these worries faded within the first few minutes. Already after a few moments I could very well perform my work with Norma. I immediately sink into the atmosphere, the atmosphere of a wedding in Xmas time. We had a bride preparing herself for her important day and there was a Christmas tree with presents underneath. All preparations were done just in time. Norma still had a moment to spend with her closest family only to give them some special gifts and then everything speeded up! First arrived Ewelina, the maid of honour. I have to say, that thanks to her, the impression of the Bride was always perfect. Ewelina took care that her hair looked good, that nobody stands in the background when we were taking photos and that her dress was lying just perfect! Every girl should have such a friend! Then Michiel came, the Groom. Love just exploded in his eyes when he saw Norma for the first time! She looked stunning!! All together we went to the castle of Wijchen where the wedding ceremony took place. It was a beautiful old building, where every girl can feel as a princess! There were a lot of emotions; tears and smiles repeated each other. The good atmosphere remained with us till the very end! Take a look at the first part of their Phototale :)