Contest – on the occasion of International Women’s Day!

2013-03-11 18:19:00

CONTEST RULES “Photo: Women’s Day”

General Provisions

1.   The organizers of the competition are company Phototale and Polish restaurant Smaak Paradijs from here on called the “Organizers”.

2.   The competition is conducted on the fanpage of Phototale ( on social network site Facebook.

3.   The contest runs from March 8 to April 7, 2013. The deadline for submitting photos is April 3 at. 23.59 and the evaluation of the applications by the public continues until April 7, 2013 23.59.

4.   Participation in the competition is free.

Contest Rules

1.   The contest theme is “All women are beautiful.”

2.   The contest is open only to women, but the photos may be submitted by their partners, husbands, sons, etc. as well

3.   There is no age limit for participation.

4.   The competition is open to family members and unrelated individuals.

5.   Participation in the competition takes place in the following manner in the period from March 8 to April 7, 2013:

a) sending a photo as described above to the email address of Phototale (

b) stating the name of the person shown on the photo

6.   Each participant can send a maximum of  1 photo.

7.   Photo submitted to the contest must be in JPG format and can not be smaller than 300 pixels in each dimension. File size should not exceed 1MB.

8.   By sending in the photograph participant automatically agrees to publication of the photo (including the name of the participant) on the website (s) and fan page (s) of Organizers.

9.   Participation in the contest gives the Organizers the right to publish the submitted pictures royalty free on the website (s) and fan page (s) of the Organizers, now and in the future.

10. The Organizers are not obliged to publish all submitted photos.

11. Submitted photos may not contain content that is unlawful, vulgar, obscene, violent or discriminatory on racial or religious grounds. Also, the pictures do not conflict with the rights of third parties, do no harm to third parties and do not conflict with the theme of the contest.

12.  In case of violation of copyright or ownership, or in case of publication of a picture against the will of a third party, the participant is completely criminally and financially liable and will comply to all demands of the injured party to compensate.

Assessment of new applications and granting awards

1.   Winner of the competition will be awarded the Audience Award.

2.   The Audience Award is a photo shoot for a female person and dinner for two people in restaurant “Smaak Paradijs”

3.   All photographs will be open to the public at the Phototale profile on Facebook. The audience will vote by assessing the images using the “Like” button. The picture with the highest number of clicks (“Likes”) will receive the Audience Award.

4.   To click “Like” on a photo participant must also “Like” the Phototale profile on Facebook ( / PhototaleNL).

5.   The Audience Award is awarded to the person depicted on the photo with the most votes. This number should however not be less than 15.

6.   Voting on a photograph of the participant is possible from the date of publication of the photograph until  7 april 2013, 23.59.

7.   The photo session will take place in The Hague, at a place indicated by the winner or at a place proposed by the “Organizers” after approval of the winner.

8.   The photo session will take place within 60 calendar days from the date of publication of the results, at a time suitable for both parties.

9.   Photo session yields 20 professional (digital) pictures.

10.  Duration of the session, is approximately 2-3 hours.

11.  CD (s) with the outcome of the session will made available to the winners within 30 days following the session. The CD (s) will be handed over personally by the Organizer(s) or will be sent by mail to the address of the winner.

12.  Dinner for two at Restaurant “Smaak Paradijs” must be booked within 60 days after publication of the results.

13.  If the prize is not collected within 60 calendar days from the date of publication of the results, the Organizers are relieved of their obligations.

14.  The organizer reserves the right to grant a second prize to be awarded in the form of a photo shoot after evaluation of the artistic value of the submitted photos.

15.  In the case of granting this second prize the decision of the organizer is final and not subject to any appeal.

Announcement of the results

1.   Results will be announced on April 8, 2013 at and on the fanpages of both Organizers ( and

2.   Winner receives the information on the e-mail address from which the notification was sent to the competition as well.

3.   After receiving this notice Winner shall within 5 calendar days  confirm the intention to collect the award and will propose a date for the photo session.

 Final Provisions

1.   The Organizers of the competition state that personal data will only be presented for the purpose of the competition.

2.   Events that prevent proper conduct of the Contest, which cannot be foreseen or prevented, in particular in the event of emergencies, and including acts of God, will not make the Organizers liable in any way.

3.   These regulations shall be effective from the date of commencement of the competition until its end.